Mech Hanger of the Week

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Mech Hanger of the Week

What!! We see some shocking home mechanic bodges and this was no different. Need a new mech hanger? Cut it off the back of your mums old shopper and you’re off.

Wet and Cold in rosedale

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Wet and Cold in rosedale

Went for a little ride around Rosedale on the last day of my holiday with Ryan and Dave. We were going to do Dalby but there was the Pickering Wartime Weekend and new shop opening at Dalby so we decided to avoid all the traffic and go up onto the moors. The day started out […]

Holiday Time

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Closed for week. Back open on Saturday 13th October. Yes I will have a good time – thank you. Bazza Thanks to Alan Cleaver for the pic.

Mystery Old Timer

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Ok get your sleuthing caps on. This old geezer turned up last week (the bike not the fella who brought it) and we’re having trouble identifying it in detail. Click on the pic for some more. We know it dates from 1940’s France when there were numerous small frame builders for the 1000’s of touriste […]

Firth Cycles in France

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Firth Cycles in France…well not quite. The limited edition (very limited) chainstay protector made it to France on the bike of Julie Jagger; a good friend of the shoppe and quality mountain biker. Julie stayed in Chatel right near the France/Switzerland border. There were 7 of them in total all hailing from the excellent Rough […]

The Momo Dart

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Greetings all. Check out this ultra rare Momo Dart we had in last summer. Yeah I know it takes me ages to get this stuff online but this one is about to come up for sale so watch this space for details. I know what you’re thinking “Momo make steering wheels for racing cars don’t […]

Thurston’s Custom Cruiser

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How nice is this? *click on the photo for more images* Mate of mine Mark Thurston (and custom tool maker for the shoppe) has built this beautiful cruiser for his missis to pootle around the VW shows they frequent. Parts have been sourced from a variety of places like Ridelow in Manchester, the internet and […]

The Last 12 Months

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Hello. It’s been a long time hasn’t it? You well? It was way back on the 31st May 2009 when the last post from me appeared and what a year it’s been since then. No excuses for not keeping up the blog I’m just busy and lazy – not a great combo for a blog […]

New Staff Member

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A new 4 legged addition to the team has arrived, our first shop dog. Name: Meg Age: 18 months Star Sign: Sagittarius Likes: Cheese, tennis balls, socks, leaping in the pond & chasing the cat Dislikes: Lemons, bath time & Yorkshire Terriers Ahhh what a cutie…but looks can be deceptive! Pop and say hello next […]

Johnboy’s Single Speed Pub Ride

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I promised Baz I’d do a blog post about the singlespeed we put together. ###What’s It For? Mrs Walker and I moved out of town last year. We live about a mile from the nearest village. My vintage Bontrager Race-Lite cross-country bike is obviously entirely unsuitable for cycling into the village for milk, bread, sausages […]