Morecambe midnight madness

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Morecambe midnight madness

I woke at 11pm on Saturday night to the sound of my alarm going off and realised that the time has come to get my gear on and ride through the night to Morecambe. Now you might think ‘he’s crazy’ but you’d be wrong; there were 21 of us ‘crazies’ there. The Halifax CTC ran […]

CRUNCH Pictures

Happy New Year all. We get loads of broken bikes through the workshop and sometimes they look like this poor thing: Whether mangled by the elements or chewed up by the owner there’s something about the destruction that fascinates us, it’s like rubbernecking (Generally, any act of observation in a manner considered unduly overt or […]


At last, the waiting is over. Firth Cycles now has an online store where you (yes you!) can buy lovely things for your bike. Click on the screen shot below to take you there. Johnnie Walker and I hope you like it. Its simple clean layout means it’s all about the products and not about […]

Smashed Bianchi 928 CARBON L

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Click on the photograph for more… A sad set of photographs of a beautiful Bianchi 928 CARBON L that kissed the front of a car at about 30mph. The rider (and still riding) suffered a broken back, several weeks in hospital and some metal pins to add to his biological mix. He avoided being speared […]

Budget 2008

The BBC news said (amongst other things) that the budget would prove expensive for smokers, drinker and motorists. The best solution? Get a bike! (you knew that was coming right?). Give up the fags, drink less booze, buy less fuel and get out on your bike. Yeah drive a 3.5L V8 gas guzzling Landy if […]

Handbuilt Wheel

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This 700c wheel (more photos here) has been given life using spare parts lying around in the workshop.  The hub is a Shimano Deore LX 36 hole in black laced onto a black Rigida SX 100 rim (36 hole – obviously).  Finished off with DT Swiss double butted spokes (2.0/1.8/2.0) with silver brass 12mm nipples.  Laced using a […]

Bianchi 2008

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Bike Radar has an exciting sneak peek at the 2008 Bianchi line-up. We’ll be taking orders soon and you’ll be able to see them in store mid-September. You’ll have get behind me for an Oetzi though! Bianchi Sneak Preview Link