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Dave and I went up to the Vale Of Pickering campsite just outside Allerston a few weeks ago to test some new winter bike camping kit. We had planned to wild camp on the second night but the wind and rain rolled in so we headed to Dalby Forest for a blast around and then home. 

 Firth Cycles 

My new Force Ten Helium 2 tent hadn’t even been opened so putting it up in the cold, dark and rain was a crappy idea and I’m sure rule #1 of tenting to check its all present and correct first. It was easy enough to be honest once we’d threaded the poles through and located the fly to the inner – it took us about 10 minutes. I don’t really do reviews and I don’t consider this one really, just ramblings about our wet weekend but the tent did the job well and was so much better than the hooped bivi I’ve used previously. It’s taken me a while to realise that the bivi/tarp option wasn’t for me but at least I’ve been there and done it so my decision is well grounded. I chased the ultralight dream and it turns out that 400g more gear is well worth the restorative sleep. 


Despite the similar pack size, Dave’s Hilleberg Akto weighs 1.5kg v’s my Force Ten Helium 2 at 1.4kg.  The Force Ten is 2 man tent but it would snug for 2 6ft fellas and kit. It’s perfect for me though, enough room inside to store all my bags and get changed – something you certainly can’t do in a bivi bag! 

 Being lightweight means the ground sheet is quite thin so I’ll be making (but probably buying) a footprint to protect it from stones and sticks etc. 

More essential kit. My toothbrush is the head from an electric toothbrush and the towel is a postage stamp sized microfibre cloth. I didn’t use the water bottle in the end but knowing I could have gave me that warm feeling! 

Amazing facilities especially the jacket warming nozzles. 

We’ll be going again.