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I woke at 11pm on Saturday night to the sound of my alarm going off and realised that the time has come to get my gear on and ride through the night to Morecambe. Now you might think ‘he’s crazy’ but you’d be wrong; there were 21 of us ‘crazies’ there.

The Halifax CTC ran the event which went from Halifax city centre to Keighley, Skipton, up the A65 to Clapham then left off the main road to High Bentham and Low Bentham and the finally Morecambe. We came back to Clapham where the van was parked and I registered 88.5 miles.


Myself, Retro Dave, Joe, Simon and Richard took part but not sure who will try if again next year because for the second year running it rained most of the way there.


The sun managed to come out just as we were arriving at Morcambe and beat down on us all the way back to Clapham.




Special thanks to Dave Dodwell who made the whole thing happen.