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Went for a little ride around Rosedale on the last day of my holiday with Ryan and Dave. We were going to do Dalby but there was the Pickering Wartime Weekend and new shop opening at Dalby so we decided to avoid all the traffic and go up onto the moors.

Sunshine didn't last long.

The day started out nice and sunny but as the rain rolled in the jackets rolled out. The rain drove into the sides of our faces like lead shot so we went ‘off piste’ to find some shelter in the valley beneath the disused lead mines railway track.

Bad move. More rain, more falls, sense of humour fading – you’ve been there!

Then a miracle happened…we stumbled across Dale Head Farm

Shelter at last.

This little gem of a place served us hot tea (loose leaf don’t you know!) and cake and most importantly there was a wood burning stove on which to dry our gloves and bodies.

I can’t sing enough praises for this place – the lady who looked after us was brilliant and it gave us the lift we needed to get going again. We’ll certainly be back next year. You should go there too.

Ryan in the shelter