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Greetings all.

Check out this ultra rare Momo Dart we had in last summer. Yeah I know it takes me ages to get this stuff online but this one is about to come up for sale so watch this space for details.

Momo Dart 06

I know what you’re thinking “Momo make steering wheels for racing cars don’t they?” Yes they do but this bicycle comes from MomoDesign the Italian design house set up after the steering wheel business was sold to the Americans a few years back (more on that story here).

I’ve tried to find more information on this bicycle but it’s not been easy. Luckily for us this Dart has a Sturmey Archer three speed hub which as you know has a date of manufacture on it (yeah you knew that right??). This one says 1995 on the shell.

The frame is steel with custom made swept back bars also in steel. You’ll notice the saddle, grips and seat clamp lever are a light beech colour and there’s a very good reason for that…

Momo Dart 05

…the rims you’re looking at here are wooden.

Made by Cerchi Ghisallo in Italy they are beautifully made and you can really see the craftsmanship that goes into every pair. Getting the Schwalbe Delta Cruisers on them was a bugger though.

If you’ve got any more information on this bike or are interested in buying it please get in touch.

Happy days.