Alistair Darling

The BBC news said (amongst other things) that the budget would prove expensive for smokers, drinker and motorists. The best solution? Get a bike! (you knew that was coming right?). Give up the fags, drink less booze, buy less fuel and get out on your bike. Yeah drive a 3.5L V8 gas guzzling Landy if that’s your bag but commute on your bike when you can – balance it out. I get fed up feeling like I must ‘go green’ overnight but it isn’t practical for everyone to give up their cars tomorrow, if you ride your bike to work or to the shops once a week then it’s a start – and you’ll feel better physically and financially. Rant over.

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  1. Firth senior
    28th March 2008

    What do you have against gas guzzling v8 Landies boy?